Antonio Villanueva, M.Sc Nutrition and Chemitry. Personal Trainer and elite coach education. Antonio teaches Personal Training at IPTA, Marbella


Nutritionist, Personal Trainer



  • * Nutritionist / Nutritionist, Master of Science (University of Stockholm)
  • * Chemist, Master of Science (University of Stockholm)
  • * Diploma in Sports Nutrition (International Olympic The committee, IOC)
  • * Sports Medicine / Sports physiology (Umeå University)
  • * Sports Nutrition (Umeå University)
  • * Physical Trainer (Riksidrottsförbundet)
  • * Personal Trainer


Antonio has taught nutrition and exercise physiology at various university programs in Norway, Sweden and Spain.

In Sweden he has been a teacher at the sport Fysio Trainer Education & Elite coach education (Swedish Sports Confederation).

Antonio has advised in the topic of sports nutrition at Bosön / Swedish Sports Confederation and lectured for several Swedish national team and coached individual athletes.

In Spain he has been a teacher for the PT program at the premier Spanish Academy for education in training.

Antonio has worked as a personal trainer since 2005. His background in sports are karate, thai / kick-boxing and weight training.