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Allthemore people today are becoming aware of the importance of diet and its impact on your health, well-being and performance. As a consequence, there is an interest in changing unhealthy eating habits. But what advice and recommendations should you really believe when you receive differing and even opposing information from various sources?
All the more people are looking for diet experts. The demand for people with diet and nutrition skills is on the rise and well-educated nutritionists are sought-after.
IPTA - International Personal Training Academy - offers you one of the best and most comprehensive international educations for certified nutritionist. Located in the the amazing town Marbella, on the Spanish coast with beautiful beaches and a lively entertainment, here you will receive your education in a unique environment.
This program is designed as an intensive education with five intensive days in Marbella, followed by six weeks of distance education. The program is concluded with a theoretical exam.  

The program is intended for you who wish to become a certified Nutritionist and work professionally in the field of health, fitness & nutrition.


Because the education is intensive and kept at a high level, it is an advantage if you have some knowledge of physiology and nutrition. However, this is not a requirement.


The education time is a total of 100 hours, divided into five intensive days in Marbella and six weeks distance education


  • - Physiology
  • - The structure and functioning of nutrients
  • - Digestion and nutritional uptake
  • - Energy metabolism
  • - Diets
  • - Food for special groups
  • - Food allergies and intolerances
  • - Diet-related diseases
  • - Lifestyle diseases
  • - Food Science
  • - Diet for athletes
  • - Anthropometry
  • - Dietary registration and calculations
  • - Consultations
  • - Coaching for nutritionists
  • - To understand and review new research



Upon completion of the course, you will receive a diploma that demonstrates that you have completed the course.  


After completion of the course, you have the opportunity to become an IPTA Certified Nutritionist. This is in the form of a theoretical examination online. The examination takes place four weeks after the end of the course. The cost of the license is included in the program.

Program: 2200 Euro  
The price includes all faculty-led education, training, diploma, the theoretical examinations and license certificates.


Traveling and accomodation is conducted at your own discretion. We can provide you with suggestions depending on your particular needs



Here you can read the general terms & conditions of the programs

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