IPTA courses and education for Personal Trainers in  Marbella Spain


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I highly recommend this training to anyone thinking about start working as a personal trainer. It is fantastic with dedicated teachers who have done a great job with not only the course content but also the personal connection with the students. It is an education with great teachers and a fantastic environment. This is the training you would want choose if you want real quality.

I now work as a personal trainer thanks to this education! Thank you IPTA!!

- Laura


Really good teachers who take their time with every student, making sure that you do not feel any doubts whatsoever. The program itself is just amazing. How often do you get to study and enjoy a vacation at the same time? Overall, it is probably the best thing I have EVER done and I would do it again. Shout out to the IPTA trainers and the whole school - you have got my vote for sure.

- Ayman


This education is very rewarding. The trainers are highly skilled and inspirational. You meet students who are motivated, positive and passionate about fitness & health. You get a whole new outlook and vision about fitness. Simply said this education was an experience that I would definitely like to do live again.

- Roua


I am currently working as a PT in Stockholm and very happy with this education that equipped me with the tools needed to succeed in my new role. All in all, I was greatly impressed by the high quality during my stay in Marbella. I also developed new friendships and keep in touch with some of my fellow course mates to this day.


In short the days consisted of:

- Physical activities in the mornings

- Theoretical classes in the afternoons

- Free time and social activities in the evenings


Some of the advantages with this PT camp:

- The gym was spacious and luxurious

- The trainers were experienced and pedagogic

- The lecturers were academic and knowledgeable


The things that could be improved:

- The group was small (only 8 people)

- The group consisted of mostly Swedes/Scandinavian people (I would have liked a more international crowd)

- A large majority of the group members were women

All in all, I would recommend this education to aspiring personal trainers. It is quite an adventure

- Robin

This is an education of high quality and with very dedicated and inspiring teachers. It were two really great weeks in Marbella with a wonderful group of motivated students and very instructive hours at the academy and at the gym. The spanish climate is also wonderfuI. I highly recommend IPTA!
- Jennifer



These and more testimonials can be found on our Facebook page here.