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Everyday our teachers create opportunities for exploration and learning by establishing engaging environments where students feel safe, comfortable, and confident. We have amazing teachers who are caring, enthusiastic, and dedicated to helping students exceed their every expectation – read some of their stories below.

Antonio Villanueva Nutritionist, Personal Trainer – IPTA Marbella

Antonio Villanueva M.Sc.
Nutritionist, Personal Trainer 

Gary Hill – Personal Trainer & Teacher at IPTA Marbella

Gary Hill B.Sc.
Personall Trainer 

Pedro Lönnblad, Sports teacher & Specialist in Athletics

Pedro Lönnblad M.Sc.
Physiotherapist, Personal Trainer

Henrik Crantz Physiotherapist & Personal Trainer – IPTA Marbella Team

Henrik Crantz M.Sc.
Physiotherapist, Personal Trainer

Rickard Åström Sports teacher & Specialist in Athletics – IPTA Marbella

Rickard Åström M.Sc.
Specialist in Sports Science

Alex Galvez Special in Athletics, Personal Trainer – IPTA Marbella

Alex Galvez M.Sc.
Personal Trainer

Hanna Willix, Certified Psychologist– IPTA Marbella

Hanna Willix M.Sc.

Luke Christopher Hill, Personal Trainer – IPTA Marbella

Luke Christopher Hill B.Sc.
Personal Trainer

Marina Pavia, Specialist in Athletics, Personal Trainer – IPTA Marbella

Marina Pavia Rubio B.Sc
Personal Trainer