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We have amazing teachers who are caring, enthusiastic, and dedicated to helping students exceed their every expectation – read some of their stories below.

Antonio Villanueva Nutritionist, Personal Trainer – IPTA Marbella

Antonio Villanueva M.Sc.
Nutritionist, Personal Trainer 

Gary Hill – Personal Trainer & Teacher at IPTA Marbella

Gary Hill B.Sc.
Personall Trainer 

Pedro Lönnblad, Sports teacher & Specialist in Athletics

Pedro Lönnblad M.Sc.
Physiotherapist, Personal Trainer

Henrik Crantz Physiotherapist & Personal Trainer – IPTA Marbella Team

Henrik Crantz M.Sc.
Physiotherapist, Personal Trainer

Rickard Åström Sports teacher & Specialist in Athletics – IPTA Marbella

Rickard Åström M.Sc.
Specialist in Sports Science

Alex Galvez Special in Athletics, Personal Trainer – IPTA Marbella

Alex Galvez M.Sc.
Personal Trainer

Hanna Willix, Certified Psychologist– IPTA Marbella

Hanna Willix M.Sc.

Luke Christopher Hill, Personal Trainer – IPTA Marbella

Luke Christopher Hill B.Sc.
Personal Trainer

Marina Pavia, Specialist in Athletics, Personal Trainer – IPTA Marbella

Marina Pavia Rubio B.Sc
Personal Trainer