PT Nutrition IPTA Level: 2 (Nutrition Coach)

PT Nutrition 


IPTA Level: 2 (Nutrition Coach)

General Information
Allthemore people today are becoming aware of the importance of diet and its impact on your health, well-being and performance. As a consequence, there is an interest in changing unhealthy eating habits. But what advice and recommendations should you really believe when you receive differing and even opposing information from various sources?

With a certificate from IPTA you will develop the necessary skillset and a thorough knowledge base, including the topics listed below, to successfully be able to coach your clients and springboarding you career as a PT Nutitionist. 


– The Digestive & Endocrine Systems
– Energy Balance
– Nutritional Myths
– How to reach Optimal Health & Diet
– Biochemistry & Metabolism
– The Fundamentals of Protein, Carbohydrate & Fat
– The Role & Function of Vitamins & Minerals
– Meal Timing & Frequency
– The Fundamentals of Hydration
– Biochemical Effects of Protein, Carbohydrates & Fat
– Energy Balance & Macronutrient Theory
– Optimal Nutrition for Muscle Gain
– Pre- and post Pregnancy considerations
– Considerations for Prepping Bodybuilders
– Performance Nutrition for Endurance Athletes
– Performance Nutrition for Team Sports
– Food Diaries in Practice
– The Consultation Process
– Client Nutrition Strategies & Programming
– Online Coaching
– Eating Disorders
– Making Weight

Course & examination language: English 

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